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Meet Your Champagne Curator

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For the Love of Champagne


My name is Maya C. Entwistle, founder of Bubles.

Join me on my journey as an entrepreneur as I share my love of Champagne and hosting events with you.

I started working in the hospitality business in Paris shortly after obtaining a management degree in food and beverage services. A few years later, I moved to California to pursue my career hosting private dining events for select fine-dining restaurants in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.


After my many years of work and dedication, I knew it was time to launch my own company built on my passion for Champagne and expertise in designing private events. I created Bubles, a high-end event Champagne catering company and retailer of custom made Champagne gift boxes.

Our cellar selection is stocked, representing a balance of small family owned wineries to the most well renowned vineyards in the region of Champagne, France.


I feel fortunate to fulfill my goal of being an entrepreneur doing what I’m best at and absolutely love!


“A party is not a party until you hear the Pop of the Champagne cork”

Cheers, Maya

Darrah Feldman, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, CIT

Bubles did an amazing job at our event and I look forward to working with Maya again. Her presentation is flawless and everything tasted incredible.


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