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Pop the bubblies this Summer!

As we embrace the summer season, picture a lively celebration filled with the exquisite effervescence of Champagne. Imagine the flavorful pairing of Champagne with a sizzling barbecue, creating a delightful outdoor feast.

To elevate the ambiance, envision a charming champagne cart adorned with seasonal décor, offering a selection of bubbly delights to enliven the festivities under the sun whatever occasion you are celebrating, we have a mobile cart ready to help you cheer with!

Request our Champagne Event Services or ask us a question!

We also know that sending a personal gift of champagne makes for the best reception of gratitude and love. Our Bubbles champagne gifts are curated to meet the occasion with the recipient in mind. We are expanding our champagne collection with a few non-alcoholic sparkling options.

This summer, we promise to include fun items to add to our gifts, whether you are planning gifts for a bridesmaid, new homeowners, your hardworking staff members, or the celebrations of life!

Don't miss the opportunity to make your moments unforgettable.

Elevate your celebrations with Bubles Champagne. Visit the link below to secure your Champagne gift box and embark on a journey of exquisite taste and sophistication.

Same-day delivery is available on orders placed before noon in the greater Los Angeles area. Please call to make sure the delivery time and date are possible.

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We wish you a Funfill Summer!

Much Love,

Maya Camara Entwistle

Founder of Bubles Champagne

Call us at: (818) 626-5290

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